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Pommes dans une caisse


Respect for our customers and our products

A responsible company

Because we consider that the fruit is a true gift of nature, we transform it respecting it as much as possible. Our specific drying process is done under vacuum and at a low temperature. We do not add any coloring, flavoring or preservative: the natural assets of the fruits are thus preserved, both the flavor and the nutritional values.Most of our fruits are also available organic.

We are proud to have evolved our company, which embraces high standards and responsible conduct. Through long-established relationships, we take pride in what we do  every day, and we continually improve by investing in our production technologies, supply chain and people.  

All this allows us to ensure that our customers receive the best sustainable, fresh and high quality products.


Sustainable development

Because the preservation of the world in which we live is one of our main concerns, FRUITOFOOD engages in various approaches related to sustainable development.


Our manufacturing process consumes very little energy and generates zero waste!

Did you know ?

During vacuum dehydration, a fruit loses about 90% of its weight in water. At Fruitofood, we use this by-product rather than losing it: the water from the fruit is recovered and upgraded in the form of Onativ'®, used in cosmetics. Fruitofood is thus one of the only players in France to use 100% of the raw material of the fruit.

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Launch of sustainable sourcing; an assurance of respect for our planet

Range innovation!

In 2017, Fruitofood innovates and develops a new "Origin" range for its fruits.

Apples from Anjou, Mirabelle plums from Lorraine, blackcurrants from Burgundy, apricots from Rhône-Alpes, pomelo from Corsica or figs from Sollies, these products are 100% French!

52% of French people favor local products from the short circuit!

Source - Ministry of Agriculture and Food, 2019


An external and internal approach, present on a daily basis

Did you know ?

Fruitofood is located in the heart of the Perche regional natural park, in a town of less than 900 inhabitants, close to homes. This is why it is particularly essential for us not to emit polluting emissions or noise pollution. 

We also apply a strict waste management and selective sorting policy every day. The whole team is involved in helping to preserve our planet.

In 2021, Fruitofood recycled 16.8 kg of masks used during the COVID-19 pandemic, in partnership with!

Baies sauvages

FRUITOFOOD; values and people!

In our company, we think about the well-being and development of everyone. The working conditions of our teams are at the center of our concerns and safety always comes first. We are in a logic of skills development while being attentive to individual needs and desires.


Involving all our teams in the future of the company means recognizing that each person has something to contribute!


From office staff to production staff: we all work together with respect for each other, to best meet the requirements of our customers. On the other hand, we seek to establish partnerships with local companies that improve the integration of people in difficulty.

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tour for the group Plantes & Fruits

Towards a common improvement approach, such is the group's conviction.

Sustainable Development, and now Corporate Social Responsibility, play an essential role in all sectors of activity. It is a strategic issue, differentiating and creating values, which allows to have a global vision of the performance of the company or the organization; it is an ethic that gives meaning and

project consistency.

Committed to a responsible approach, we take into account the environmental, social, societal and governance dimensions at each stage of our growth, to be in line with the values that are ours. Everyone, within our various organizations, contributes, through their daily action, to supporting us on this path. The entire Group is ready to take up the major challenges of sustainable development, and make Plantes & Fruits an ever more committed and responsible holding company!

Manon Hébert

Head of the CSR project of the Plantes & Fruits group

Plante germée




Decent Work and respectful of women and men



Environment, which we protect on a daily basis

with regard to our industrial and technical developments



masteryof our know-how, which we bring to our customers and stakeholders



Proximity that we favor in our exchanges

with our suppliers, partners and service providers



Committed circular economyin our companies,

by promoting methanization and recycling



Territory, that we are proud to energize



Listening and discussionwith our stakeholders



Solidarity that we highlight in our CSR participatory actions

Image de Dan Stark

Issues and commitments

Aware of its responsibilities, Plantes & Fruits has analyzed the environmental, social and societal issues to which the Group and its stakeholders could be exposed, by carrying out a risk analysis.

Our ambitions until 2025

By following the ISO26030 standard, we aim to improve our score during the CSR audit. This requires the resumption of good practices, intelligent and sustainable investments, and the strengthening of our economic model on the local and organic. We put a point of honor on the respect of the Human and the social values that it includes. The quality of our plants and fruits, as well as upstream and downstream traceability are part of our unique value proposition in our various markets.

View our CSR report


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Poings solidaires



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