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Based in the heart of Perche

One of FRUITOFOOD's greatest strengthslies in the exclusivity of our manufacturing process. The whole fruits are heated at low temperature and under vacuum, in order to be emptied of their water. This process, carried out at our production site in Fontaine-Simon,allows maximum respect for the natural qualities of the fruit.
Thanks to our professionalism and our mastery throughout the supply chain up to processing, we ensure tasty products with preserved aromas.

Pierre-Yves COPY,Managing Director FRUITOFOOD


A diversified activity

FRUITOFOOD offers a very diverse range of fruits; from citrus fruits to exotic fruits and berries. To best meet each of your needs, the products are available in different formats: whole fruit, in pieces, in granules or in powder.


A controlled process

Our three strengths reside in an optimized supply, our exclusive dehydration process and our own know-how. Whole fruits and vegetables are heated at low temperature and under vacuum, in order to be emptied of their water.


Today, our expertise is recognized in France and around the world; 70% of our turnover is based on export sales. Our passion for the fruit sector allows us to ensure:

  • High quality products,

  • A welcome by a dynamic and available team,

  • Flexibility and suppleness in our exchanges,

  • A responsiveness appreciated by all our customers.

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Creation of FRUITOFOOD in the former Fontaine-Simon dairy

Obtaining Organic Agriculture certification by the ECOCERT organization.


Launch of the water co-product range from the dehydration of fruits: Onativ'

Obtaining COSMOS certification by the ECOCERT organization for Onativ'

Obtaining KOSHER - KLB certification


Obtaining BRC FOOD certification, attesting to compliance with strict requirements in terms of hygiene and food safety. A real guarantee of confidence for our customers who can be reassured by the fact that we offer them safe products.

Launch of the CO' Fruits and Chef & Artisan ranges


Takeover of the company by the Plantes & Fruits holding company and a new management team

Development of the group's CSR policy, intended for all companies.


Improved vacuum dehydration system, preserving fruit quality even more

Launch of the range of dehydrated vegetables


Improved vacuum dehydration system, preserving fruit quality even more


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The Dairy of Fontaine-Simon, a place called “Les Pâtis” was founded around 1885 by Mr. Rodhain (at that time deputy for his constituency).

In 1921 he becameGeneral Manager of Hauser Group Dairies. The Hauser dairy in Fontaine-Simon was served by a special branch line, which allowed it to receive and ship its goods in full wagonloads.


Total closure of the factory in 1983.

Social and economic indicators

The Plants & Fruits holding company

The Plants & Fruits Group, founded in 2019 by the association of Jean-Raymond VANIER (CEO of PMA28) and Pierre-Yves COPY (CEO of FRUITOFOOD), aims to promote a range of natural products by focusing on organic and conventional agriculture.

The holding aims to develop commercial and industrial synergies between its various companies, to accelerate the growth of the new group which today represents 20 million in turnover and more than 130 employees. 

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